Reasons to Drink Adequate Water

Posted on: 13/06/2018, by :
drinking water

Water is an essential fluid for the human body, but many people take it for granted. They prefer coffee, tea alcohol, soda or fruit juice over water. However, if your body lacks adequate water, you will end up suffering from chronic dehydration. To be healthy, you must make sure that you take plenty of clean water as a daily routine.

However, the following are the primary reasons why you should drink adequate water.

Burn Calories

burn caloriesDrinking water helps to stimulate your metabolism and increase the calorie burnt. If you drink cold water, your body will be forced to burn calories to warm that water to match the temperature of your body. However, after drinking water, it is supposed to be processed and then supplied for your body to consume it. Therefore, this requires energy that increases the metabolic rate which helps your body to burn more fat. Besides, water is a zero-calorie drink.

Increases Your Physical and Mental Performance

Most of your brain is composed of water. Therefore, drinking plenty of it helps you focus, think, concentrate and also helps you to be more alert.

Fatigue is a sign of dehydration. However, during exercise, you rapidly lose water through breath and sweating which can reduce motivation, increase fatigue and reduce endurance. But proper re-hydration before, during and even after exercise will reduce oxidative stress and boost your performance.

Removes Toxin From Your Body

Water helps your body to get rid of waste product through urination and sweating. Therefore, this protects your body from kidney stones diseases and urinary tract infections.

Healthy Skin

Research indicates that, if you drink at least eight glasses of water per day you will experience a glowing skin. For this to happen, you must maintain a regular water intake schedule. Drinking adequate water helps your skin to look healthy, fresher and younger. However, you should avoid inflammatory drinks like processed fruit juice, sugary sodas or even caramel macchiato t prevent skin breakouts.

Aids Digestion

The food that you eat goes to the stomach to be broken down by the digestive enzymes and stomach acids. However sufficient water in your body helps in moving the food through digestive track smoothly and quickly which prevents constipation.

Curbs Appetite

Taking a large volume of water will help you to control appetite. Losing weight involves eating a small portion of food. However, taking water before the meal makes you feel full hence you will eat less food, and this will help you attain your desired weight more easily.

Minimize Muscle and Joint Pain

reduces joint painDrinking adequate water helps the joint to move quickly without friction, and this reduces joint discomfort. However, sometimes after lifting the weight you experience muscle pain but drinking plenty of water will help you to flash the lactic acid out. And also transport the necessary nutrients to the muscles, repair and reduce muscle pain more quickly.

Makes You Happy

For your body to have more energy and have better mood, you need to drink a lot of water. However, water is essential in your life, develop a habit of drinking plenty of it and enjoy a more healthy life.