How to Make the Best Greek Coffee

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The Greek Coffe flew from Yemen to Turkey, and outside Turkey, it made itself known in Greece. You can grind coffee beans with a grinder together with a Greek grinder.

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The Greek Coffee

CoffeeUnlike Turkish coffee, Greek coffee is essentially made by boiling a combination of water and dirty coffee. You can check out Bustle to get tips on how to make the best coffee using different grinders . The blends used to make Greek coffee usually have a high percentage of Brazilian coffee and some Robusta or a “key” ingredient to add more flavor (standard coffee, Harrar from Ethiopia, or mocha from Yemen).

To make Greek coffee we need a coffee pot, which in Greece is called briki. This exceptional Greek coffee maker has a characteristic narrow lid that facilitates the slow processing of Turkish coffee and the formation of this famous “Kaimaki,” which is both cream and Coffee foam.

How to Make the Greek Coffee

coffee beansTraditionally, these filaments were made of aluminum or aluminum, but now they are mass-produced using stainless steel, which is more resistant. It uses the size of the coffee pot to make coffee and foam. If you probably want to make two cups of coffee, use the creamer size to make it more difficult.

It is important to use the flame and water to extract the aroma. Use a gasoline or table burner on the stove. You need to do it slowly to keep the cream (foam) layer and the coffe blend. The Coffee mixture will foam if you do not remove the brewer from the flame in time, and it does not spill – make sure you never let this happen!

A little tip if you want to make two or more cups. There’s an old trick using the foam in each cup of mocha, where you take the foam out of this pot with a teaspoon and then put it in each cup of mocha before pouring the coffee.

Things to Discover

Nowadays, many people deliver coffee to make it right afterward. Women and men are in favor of this, and some several women and men argue that attracting coffee is the least of the reasons. Another point of discussion is the agitation of coffee. At the beginning you mix water, sugar, and coffee, and some stirred until the foam is produce to win the coffee in the end.

The Private Opinion

I like to stir the coffee constantly until the end and also make it foam twice. You can try, it’s just another preference. You can experiment and discover exactly what you like. The most important thing is the freshness and level of your Greek coffee.